Assiniboine Injections Ltd. can provide a complete turnkey solution which includes land location, soil testing, sludge testing and environmental license application.

Assiniboine Injections Ltd. is a bonded contractor for lagoon cleaning, maintenance, dredging, field incorporation and most applications associated with biosolids or other sediments from bottom of ponds and settling lagoons. We specialize in dredging and the removal and land application of biosolids, sludge, animal waste and lime. We have the capabilities to sub surface inject liquid biosolids or surface land apply dried biosolids, incorporating afterwards to control odor. We have a full line of up to date, high performance equipment built especially for the removal and application of biosolids.

We can handle any size job no matter how big or small - we have extensive experience with cities, townships, municipal councils, private companie and farmers.

We are a COR certified company with over 20 years experience in wastewater handling, working with engineers, conultants, municipalities, town councils, cities and farmers. Assiniboine Injections Ltd. is a bonded contractor for lagoon cleaning, maintenance, dredging, field incorporation, land application, and all applications associated with biosolids, or other sediments from bottom of ponds and lagoons.

Lagoon Cleaning

Sludge buildup in lagoons is a common problem for wastewater treatment facilities.

Because we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and have experience dealing with different setups, environments, and climates, we have all the tools necessary to clean lagoons in several different ways. We have mechanical dredges and lagoon crawlers that allow us to remove this sludge to clean your lagoons and process it in a number of different ways:

  • We can Inject the sludge into the soil on nearby farmland
  • We can use geo bags to dewater the sludge
  • We can use drying beds to dewater the sludge

Our Services

A breakdown of the different services and options that we offer as part of our complete lagoon cleaning and maintenance solution


As our business name implies, land application of liquid sludge through injection is the foundation of our operation.
Direct injection of sludge to farmland minimizes soil compaction, odor, run off and maximizes nutrition absorption.
We offer multiple equipment options which allow for short or long distance injection solutions


Biosolids application onto farmland requires an environmental license. Assiniboine Injections Ltd. can provide a full turnkey operation - including land location, soil testing, sludge testing and license application.
Land application can be performed in different ways, one of which includes dry spreading. Our fleet of spreaders ensures that we can meet your spreading needs.


Our dredge is designed to remove sediments from the bottom of lagoons, ponds and lakes. The dredge is very mobile and has the ability to remove sludge from your lagoon without the need to dewater it. It can also be used for aeration. Our 10-inch pump will transfer the solid material from the bottom of a lagoon to the shoreline. From here we can transfer the material into drying beds, geo bags, nurse tanks or into truck tankers. We use different types of cutter heads for different material.


Our lagoon crawler is an aggressive pump designed for agitating large lagoons. The pump can drive itself into the lagoon, mix the lagoon as a boat, and then drive itself out when the lagoon is empty. Our equipment allows us to agitate and pump up to 8kms from the lagoon site.
We also have the ability to pump water reservoirs as well as flooded areas.

Lime Spreading

We offer both liquid and dry lime application solutions. The benefits of lime include:
  • Improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil
  • Increasing the availability of nutrients to plants
  • Improving soil structure and water infiltration
  • Supplying Calcium, Magnesium and other minerals to crops
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of some herbicides

Trucking of Liquid & Solid Waste

Assiniboine Injections Ltd. has a diverse fleet of trucks and tankers to transport liquid and solid waste materials.
Whether a short haul or a long haul is required, we have the tools to get the job done right.

Drying Beds

Assiniboine Injections Ltd. incorporates drying beds into the solutions that we offer.
A holding area is chosen for dredged material. When the biosolids settle to the bottom of the drying bed, the effluent water is pumped back into the lagoon. The solid material left behind in the drying bed can then be hauled away to spread on agricultural land.


Assiniboine Injections Ltd. has the tools and expertise to dewater industrial and municipal sludge. We are able to pump sludge material into geo bags which are large cylinder tubes made of geo textile fiber. The fabric has small openings of 50-100 microns between threads - this allows it to retain solids while allowing water to pass through the openings. It takes approximately 1 to 3 months to dewater sludge to a sufficient slump test where we can haul it to a disposal area.

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